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The Be Beautiful JetPeel™ Treatment

The JetPeel™ is a needle free skin resurfacing technique that utilizes high pressure systems to infuse customizable solutions deep into the skin layers for profound hydration, nourishment, and rejuvenation. During a JetPeel™ treatment, a high velocity aerosol stream of microdroplets and oxygen deliver nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential to reverse signs of aging, provide radiance and rejuvenate the skin. The JetPeel™ system does not damage the epidermis. This procedure is not only for the face, it can correct and improve the appearance of other areas of the body as well.

What cosmetic concerns does a JetPeel™ treat?

The JetPeel™ system allows for deep, penetrating, but non-damaging infusions of serums to correct the appearance of numerous common skin concerns.
  1. Acne: Cleansing and nourishing solutions clear acne causing bacteria.
  2. Rosacea: Damaged skin cells are exfoliated and skin is nourished and cleansed to reduce signs of rosacea.
  3. Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Deep delivery of nourishing serums refreshes and rejuvenates skin complexion. It also promotes collagen production.
  4. Uneven Skin Texture/scar tissue repair: Dead/damaged skin cells are exfoliated to smooth skin texture.
  5. Hyperpigmentation/Skin Brightening: Deep delivery of skin nutrients to brighten the skin from the inside out.
  6. Hair/Scalp: Infusion of PRP or hair growth serum into the scalp to achieve reduction of hair loss and restore hair growth.
Who is the ideal candidate for a JetPeel™?
The ideal candidate for a JetPeel™ treatment is looking to correct minor to moderate skin concerns. This is a great needle free alternative to under eye circles, hyperhidrosis, blackheads, milia, and PRP, pretreatments for IPL and radiofrequency, or as a post Ablative Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing. JetPeel™ is safe for all skin types.
What are active ingredients?
Hyaluronic acid, vitamin A & E, Vitamin B5, vitamin C, Glycolic acid, mandelic and Salicylic acid, peptide complex, Argireline complex, and vegetal stem cells.
What is the average recovery associated with a JetPeel™?

There is little downtime associated with JetPeel™ treatments. Some individuals experience minimal redness and tightness for an hour following the procedure. Patients are advised to refrain from strenuous exercise and astringent skin care products for 24 hours. Prescription skin care products may be resumed after two days.

What are the potential side effects of a JetPeel™?

There are few major side effects associated with a JetPeel™ facial. Patients may experience slight, temporary redness and/or tightness. This typically resolves quickly.

What can someone expect from the results of a JetPeel™?

The results of a JetPeel™ treatment are numerous enhancements to skin health and skin concerns. Results are enhanced over a course of treatments, and once the desired aesthetic is reached, most candidates undergo maintenance treatments every six months.

What does the cost of a JetPeel™?
Treatment starts from $300 depending on infusion of active ingredients, areas treated and the amount of treatments performed.

Be Beautiful Chemical Peels

VI Peel is a very popular treatment developed to treat all skin types safely and effectively. This treatment corrects hyperpigmentation caused from acne, melasma, and sun damage. It’s also very effective for treating acne and triggers cell turnover and long term collagen production, improving your skin’s overall health.

Be Beautiful Injects

Are fine lines and wrinkles beginning to form? Neuromodulator injectables, such as Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport®, are non-surgical cosmetic enhancement injections that correct signs of aging by relaxing facial muscles that cause wrinkles. This can erase forehead lines, crow’s feet, laugh and frown lines, gummy smiles, and dimpling chin.

Be Beautiful Fillers

Are you noticing some volume loss in your cheeks, or are you wanting to plump up your pout? At Be Beautiful, we have many options to help. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler may be the solution for you. These non-surgical cosmetic enhancement injections will correct signs of aging due to volume loss. 

Fillers can volumize cheeks, folds near the nose and around the mouth as well as define the jawline, bring balance to the nose and chin, and even enhance soft supple kissable lips. Fillers can enhance most areas of the face for a youthful, refreshed and defined look.

Be Beautiful Laser Treatments

Be Beautiful laser treatments for the face – 

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For Body

Be Beautiful JetPeel™ Treatments

1 Hydration or Skin Rejuvenation/Tightening of the Hands, décolletage, back, buttocks, or other areas of the body.

2 Back Acne Treatment.

3 Hair/Scalp: Infusion of PRP or hair growth serum into the scalp to achieve reduction of hair loss and restore hair growth.

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